Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Step right up...we're steppin' out

the Jazzmanian Devils circa early 90's pre-swing revival, post-BSG to NYC, Featuring the Buddha of the Bass now the Guitar Guru Mr. Moishe Guru Goodman on Guitar, Hoagie Goodman on Bass (Joe..Joe) Old Man Moze Mr. Lucky Steve Taylor on the drums, Myron Chili Wil Goodman pre-Caymen flight on the Pie-ano, Herschel H. (Highway- some stories stay on the road) Goodman on the slide trombone- is there any other kind?, Manny G, Chick, Babes on the big sax, Candy A. Goodman smart A. always called me boss, bladder made of alien materials. very roadworthy, and can drink most grown men under the table, and of course, moi- Mr. Lester B. Goodman on the money clip, alto chainsaw, tips for young bachelors and men about town-Shaken , stirred, just pour the goddam drink stupid. NO really, just pour it. Now pay for it. Love ya. Like a rock. Like some rock.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

In the Beginning was the Word...

And the word was HOT!
Often copied....
never boring, they soon developed a reputation for fun and excitement.
In 2008, we celebrate 25 years in show business.