Sunday, September 13, 2009

You could smell the horns from a block away...

Founded in November of 1983, The Jazzmanian Devils are involved in ritual jazz sacrifice and swing/jump and jive. The jazz is sometimes sacrificed in the interests of alcohol; the alcohol is rarely sacrificed in the interests of jazz.

In 2004, The Jazzmanian Devils celebrated 20 years, and the Mayor of Vancouver Larry Campbell declared an official Jazzmanian Devils Appreciation Day in their honour.
Current lineup includes: Les Goodman-bandleader, vocals and alto chainsaw, Laurel LeFey -vocals, Moishe Goodman-guitar, Sammy Goodman-standup bass, Manny Goodman-tenor sax, Buddy LovePower Goodman-keyboards, Max Goodman-drums. Guests include the Queen of Jazzmania-Miss Vanessa Richards, Snatchmo Goodman-trumpet.

The Jazzmanian Devils have an 8 song cd called Groovy Thing! available for sale.
Extended Goodman Family includes: Broadway Sol Goodman, Hershel H. Goodman, Steve Taylor, Andy Graffiti, Lee Kelsey, Skully Goodman, Slide Goodman, and the entire Les Goodman After Dark show- Vancouver's only Live Late Night Talk Show.

Remember the Success Paradigm:

Step 1. Who are the Jazzmanian Devils?
Step 2. Get me the Jazzmanian Devils!
Step 3. Get me a Jazzmanian Devil type.
Step 4. Get me a Young Jazzmanian Devils.
Step 5. Who are the Jazzmanian Devils?

(repeat as many times as possible)

Who are the Jazzmanian Devils?

The greatest invention of the 20th Century was re-invention. Forget the alternative, embrace the alter-ego. In 1977, in NYC a man named Hell proclaims the Blank Generation. Not Blank, as in empty and void of meaning, Blank, as in Fill in the ....... A sea of possibiliites. A new hat.. a new name..a new band...a new game. The opportunity of re-invention.

Unable to keep his demons internal, a young man screams upon the scene, jumping backwards off a stage at the Smilin' Buddha with a punk version of The Count Fives Psychotic Reaction. Fast Forward five years later.. the time is 1984. A young man envisions a new music that feeds off the primary influence of his generation- Television. A new music not born of anger, but of humor and romance. He flips the dial and stops on style.

Get me the Jazzmanian Devils!

The desire for new sounds leads the young man back in time. Louis Jordan replaces Louie-Louie, jump informs jazz with the beat that became rock and roll. His latest invention is a re-invention of the White Negro, the Eternal Hipster, The Swinger Redux in Tux. After years of searching for the ultimate in individual expression, taking it OUT for the IN CROWD, the young man finds inspiration in a past he never knew. Behind the snarl, a traditionalist emerges.

Get Me a Jazzmanian Devil Type

If the highest form of flattery is imitation, the highest form of imitation is self-imitation. Re-invention is the greatest invention of the 21st Century. From the beginning the style was suits, ties, looking sharp, talking loud, living large. There was never enough past to uncover, songs to cover, drinks to drink, women to love. He was warned. the lessons of the past must be relearned, every generation. Connect the dots from bathtub gin to Warehouse parties, Swing to Swingers, Jump to Vegas, Rat Pack to pack rats, James Brown to White Boys down on their knees, disco to ....well, disco. Some things never change.

Get Me the Young Jazzmanian Devils!

The Man who Dared to Imitate Television. A copy of a copy. Were imitations spawned? Yes. Were more youth intoxicated and indoctrinated inthe cursed lifestyle? Yes. Was he shocked? No. Did the imitators proceed down the trails he had blazed? Yes. Was he upset? No. How could he be upset at someone imitating what he himself had imitated? Along the way, so many good times. So many friends, singers, drummers, horn players, exits stage left.

Vancouver's first and only Live Late Night Tallk Show, Les Goodman After Dark. Through the help of modern Swiss herbal tonics, sheep liver transplants, and the chicken wire in his heart, the Jazzmanian Devils are reborn.

Who are the Jazzmanian Devils?

The greatest invention of the 20th century is re-invention. Forget the alternative, embrace the alter-ego. In 1977, in NYC a man named Hell proclaims the Blank Generation. Not Blank as in empty or void of meaning, but blank as in Mel. A sea of possibilities. A new hat. A new name.. A new band. a new game. The opportunity for re-invention. This could go on forever. The young man smiles.